Hi, I'm Rebekkah.

And I'm here to document moments that matter.

I've grown to see the world in ways that can only be articulated with a camera. My purpose is to capture your memories with every mile traveled, every press of a shutter, and every smile looking back at me. I want to get to know you, to hear your story, and to document it from beginning to end. My style is emotional and candid with curated elements of nature, architecture, and light-filled ambience. Whether it be the unshakeable love shared by two people, the innocence of a newborn baby, or the small business built from humble beginnings - my goal is to let time stand still so those moments will last forever.



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Tell me who you are.
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Portrait Sessions begin at $350 Weddings begin at $2,500 Rates vary for Lookbooks & Editorials Additional services may be provided (i.e. videography)