Edrina + Brandon

Palos Verdes, California

When I found out that my long-time friends got engaged, we picked a day to drive to the high desert and shoot their engagement photos. We loaded up on coffee and tacos in Palm Springs before heading to Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. It was a chilly day with strong winds blowing through the canyon, but being the adventurous nature couple they are, they hiked with me in the cold until the sun went down.  


Priscilla + Kevin

Palos Verdes, California

Priscilla invited me to document their engagement party at her parent's home in Burbank. A few weeks later, we drove to the coast and shot photos in the town of Rancho Palos Verdes. The day ended with a hike to the see the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. 


Brooke + Paul

*Coming Soon* | Palos Verdes, California

I met up with Paul and Brooke at Terranea Resort, where we walked along the path overlooking the ocean. We then found a trail on the Portuguese Bend Reserve, where yellow wildflowers were in full bloom and we stood at the edge of the cliffs, watching the waves crashing below us. 


Jonathan + Lucy

Palos Verdes, California

These lovebirds trekked down a mountain with me to a hidden eucalyptus grove where the light was pure magic. The air was warm and smelled like summer. We held our breaths on the way back up until we reached a point where we could see the ocean. 


Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 10.46.10 AM.png

Jonathan & Lucy


Edrina & Brandon


Jennifer & Ben

Priscilla & Kevin